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Features of Avatar Design House & Knowmad Gallery in the media.

Features of Avatar Design House & Knowmad Gallery in the media.

Seven By Five

Brad Kopek – Your Bag

"Selling and working with high-end designers and projects has been ADH/K’s standard and obtaining the tools to do so has been imperative."


Avatar Design House Creates A Home for Sustainable Art and Creatives

"To define the Avatar Design House/Knowmad Gallery (ADH/K) into a few words is surprisingly easy for all of the purposes it has. But, at it’s heart, it really boils down to one thing: sustainable art."

The Oakland Press - Business

Bloomfield photographer creates ‘green’ design house and art gallery

"Brad Kopek is an image creator who has incorporated a lot of “green” into his work. Behind a camera he captures landscapes and turns them into industrial art, and now he churns them out under his newly remodeled LEED inspired home."

The Image Story

Brad Kopek: Raleigh in Foleyet, Ontario

"Shoot what you are not use to shooting to expand your range. I typically don’t shoot portraits or lifestyle images. Yet I find that I often learn the most when I put myself in those situations. This image relies heavily on the bokeh, thus letting the viewers minds-eye fill in some of the details to create an image that has a broad psychological range. There is definitely a line that once crossed makes an image too far away from archetypes and that isn’t useful if your goal is to anchor firmly to the human experience side of the capture."

Hour Detroit

Multidiscipline Art & Design Studio Launches Knowmad Gallery

"All companies have origin stories — how and why they came to be — and the reasons and stories are as varied as the companies themselves. The Avatar Design House story comes complete with its own mythos, logos, and lexicon."


Artist Converts 1950s Ranch-style Michigan Home into a Stylish Eco Art Gallery

"Brad Kopek owns a unique property in Bloomfield Twp, Michigan, where he runs a fully sustainable gallery, digital fine art lab and residence called Avatar Design House and Knowmad Gallery(ADH/K)."

Creative Houses Blog 

"Houses are like people - some you like and some you don't like - and once in a while there is one you love. ― L.M. Montgomery"

News 24

The Wave, Arizona

"We’re not sure about you, but where we come from; hills don’t usually look like this. Created by wind and erosion, the Wave looks like someone had taken a giant rake and tracked lines through the red hills. Situated near the Arizona border, this sandstone rock formation is somewhat of a pretty sight."