Nearly every room and flooring surface in Avatar Design House has unique sustainably minded products. From recycled content in concrete to post-consumer automotive tire rubber to recyclable carpeting, ADH/K has used a wide range of sustainable flooring.

Vinyl flooring from LG - These floors, featured in our Avatar Lab WC, are made with recycled content. "FloorScore certified LG Hausys floors help contribute points to Leed Scorecards by offering a low-emitting flooring system and containing the required levels of recycled content."

Natural Bamboo flooring by U.S. Floors was used in the Knowmad Gallery and installed with natural cork underlayment.

U.S. Floors takes part in an ECO-mission by sourcing and utilizing sustainable resources for its flooring products whenever possible, specifying raw materials and processes that meet stringent U.S. and European environmental standards, NEVER sourcing from clear cut or unmanaged forests, and promoting green building practices.

Lithocrete flooring was installed in the Knowmad Gallery Hip Room. Lithocrete has strict specifications - All required ingredients are used and all procedures are followed on every Lithocrete project. No short cuts are permitted when installing Lithocrete assuring high quality and long lasting results. Lithocrete requires very low maintenance and saves building owners a great deal of money in a short period of time.

The Avatar Design House Digital Lab features ECOsurfaces flooring. "ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring is comprised of post-consumer tire rubber and ColorMill EPDM. These materials are bound together in an elastometric network produced with a low-embodied energy manufacturing process that requires minimal water, avoids heat, and reuses in-line scrap to decrease waste. The result is a stunning environmentally sustainable surfacing collection that passes the most stringent tests for VOC emissions and indoor air quality."